Introduction To Cryogenic Spice Grinding

The extremely low temperature (-196 °C) in the grinder crystallizes natural oils and makes the spices brittle, resulting in fine and consistent size. Chillies, pepper, cardamom, cumin, turmeric and other essential lentils retain their flavour and nutritional values better than the ambient grinding.

Why Cryogenic Grinding?

Preserves Flavor and Aroma

Cryogenic grinding locks in essential oils and natural aromas, ensuring spices retain their rich flavors.

Maintains Nutritional Value

It safeguards the nutritional content and therapeutic qualities of spices

Extended Shelf Life

Spices processed this way have a longer shelf life, staying fresh for an extended period.


Cryogenic grinding results in a uniform spice powder for consistent taste in every dish

Blended Spices

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Behind the Scenes